Mammal Monday, Anteater. All anteaters have elongated snouts equipped with a thin tongue that can be extended to a length greater than the length of the head; their tube-shaped mouths have lips but no teeth.
© The Field Museum, CSZ77644.
Anteater Skeleton. Zoology mounted skeletons.
8x10 negative

 Oswaldo Guayasamin

Brad Phillips



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Camarasaurs, William Stout, 2002
It was the kind of morning where the sun struggled into the sky. The rains that had come before dawn were not violent storms per se, but the drops were big and cold and fell hard. They’d pelted the sauropods, tapped against their bodies like marbles dropped on a kitchen floor. But, as the sky lightened, and daybreak approached, the rains ebbed, then stopped completely, leaving only low dark clouds. 
The sauropods longed for the sun. When light finally leaked over the horizon—a very far-away light, pale and cool—the dinosaurs moved to stay out of each others shadows and bask. They shivered, their rain-soaked hides trembling in waves, plains of skin shuddering, folds twitching, heads wagging, tail-tips lashing.
A flock of pterosaurs lifted from somewhere near the sun-skirted horizon. They swept between the sauropods’ necks, “kyow’-ing and “tchack”-ing, and flew into the shadows where the morning light had not yet reached, as if they were little red and rose flames sent by the sun to burn away the remnants of the early shower’s chill.

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Endangered Honduran Ghost Bats sleep under banana leaves during the daylight